A picture of the Action on Energy Event showing an Action on Energy staff member speaking to attendees with a slideshow

Sub Heading: Action on Energy hosted their Autumn Event with the theme of ‘Working Together to Improve Energy Efficiency of Cambridgeshire’s Homes’

The Action on Energy team hosted their Autumn Event on the 11th of October 2023. The topics of discussion centred around the theme ‘Working Together to Improve Energy Efficiency of Cambridgeshire’s Homes.’ Community group representatives, councillors, council, and parish council staff from across the Cambridgeshire partnership, and procured contractors were all in attendance and participated in solution-focused conversations.

There was enthusiasm on all sides as we discussed opportunities to embed increased home energy efficiency into the lives of the public across Cambridgeshire. We would like to thank all of our attendees who contributed to the success of this event. The suggested ideas, networking, and desire to collaborate will help pave the way to further success of Action on Energy as a framework. We continue to be entirely dedicated to delivering information, support, and resources to communities in Cambridgeshire so that they can maximise home energy efficiency, save money on energy bills, and cut carbon emissions.

We are always open to new ideas on how to improve how we work and what we do, so please do get in touch with any further ideas. To do so, please go to the ‘get in touch’ page.

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