Our Energy Efficiency Contractors

Finding a contractor

Finding a contractor to undertake any kind of work to your home can be daunting. Many of our residents have told us that they don’t know where to go to find suitably qualified companies to deliver energy efficiency improvements.

To support our residents, we have procured five contractors that Cambridgeshire residents may contact to undertake energy efficiency work. They have been through a rigorous procurement process where the councils have checked that they have the relevant expertise and qualifications to deliver home energy improvements.

Contractor and homeowner looking at a property
Contractor and homeowner looking at a property
Aran Insulation Ltd logo

Aran Insulation Ltd

An energy efficiency and property improvement company. Committed to reducing fuel bills, protecting our environment and making homes warmer, healthier and safer for generations to come.

Cornerstone Limited logo

Cornerstone (East Anglia) Limited

A family business known for their commitment to technical excellence and high standards of customer service.

Macbrook Gas Ltd logo

Macbrook Gas

Macbrook Gas combines professional excellence with the personal service you expect from a local tradesperson. Our friendly, considerate and skilled operatives are supported by a back-office team that makes sure all our installations offer high quality and value for money.

0800 Repair logo

0800 Repair

0800Repair specialise in insulation, heating and renewable energy solutions for blue chip clients, homeowners, tenants and landlords across the UK. Our clients and customers benefit from our range of expert services including installation, inspection, repair and replacement.

TSG Building Services logo

TSG Building Services

A multi-disciplined, family owned and run building services business. Committed to maintaining the highest possible industry standards across all areas of operation.

If you are eligible for funding support, it will be one of the above contractors that will design and deliver the works to your home.

If you are self-funding, or using a different funding route such as ECO, you are able to approach any of these contractors for work. We encourage you to seek quotes from at least three contractors ahead of committing to any works or entering into contracts.

It is crucial to note that the Council is not responsible for the actions of any of the individual contractors listed above, and that contracts for works to your home will be between you and your chosen contractor. Action on Energy will be on hand to support if any significant issues arise but will not formally mediate any disputes.

NOTE: These are not the only contractors that undertake these works and you may decide to use a different contractor. Works undertaken at your home are at your risk and can impact the value of your home. You are responsible for ensuring you undertake all appropriate steps before undertaking any works.