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Find out about the latest grant support, guidance and advice

The new Action on Energy website is now live providing the latest information and support from the Cambridgeshire Councils to help their residents stay warm, save money on their energy bills, and make long term improvements to their properties.

The Action on Energy Cambridgeshire scheme was set up in 2014 to provide a service where residents would be able to access tailored energy efficiency advice, installations, and funding. We have been successful in delivering a variety of funding schemes over the years, and with the introduction of current Government funding schemes we have relaunched our website.

Action on Energy recognises the biggest challenges for residents to retrofit is; where to start, who can carry out the work, and how can it be paid for. The new website will provide the latest information on grant funding and financial support schemes in Cambridgeshire. We have procured relationships with 6 companies who can install whole house improvements to current Government standards, and we have Cambridgeshire specific guidance on practical advice on how to retrofit.

The website also provides wider household support advice around maximising your income and how to ensure a healthy living environment in response to rising energy costs and the cost of living. The website will be updated regularly with the latest news on our activity so follow us on social media and the website.

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