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The Energy Saving Trust publishes an article discussing why their energy experts believe now is the right time to install a heat pump.

The Energy Saving Trust published an article titled ‘Is now a good time to get a heat pump?’ where their energy experts answer five top heat pump related questions explaining why they believe now is the right time to get one installed in your home.

The top five questions are:

  1. Can a heat pump save you money on your energy bills?
  2. Can I get money towards a heat pump?
  3. Is there proof that heat pumps work well in cold weather?
  4. Will a heat pump really lower my carbon footprint?
  5. How do I know which heat pump is right for me?

The Energy Saving Trust points to the importance of insulating your home before installing a heat pump to reduce running costs. Solar panels and batteries can also decrease a heat pump’s running costs. They highlight the current Boiler Upgrade Scheme offering a grant of £7,500 towards heat pump installation costs and specific electricity tariffs designed to minimise running costs. They recommend researching expected costs if you’re considering installing a heat pump.

The article clarifies that air source heat pumps operate efficiently at temperatures as low as -15C and ground source heat pumps can also be used all year round. They go on to explain that according to the most recent Climate Change Committee report, buildings account for roughly 17% of the UK’s emissions which come mostly from the fossil fuels we use in our home heating systems. Replacing a fossil fuel heating system with a heat pump will lower your carbon footprint and save emissions.

The Energy Savings Trust points to their heat pumps advice to understand which one may be right for you. They also have stories from homeowners who have switched to a heat pump.

For more information, please read the full article. We also have information on guidance and installation, as well as air source heat pump case studies on our website.

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