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The press release details three key initiatives launched to provide energy saving tips which will reduce energy bills, as well as £150 in Warm Homes Discount support.

The UK government issues a press release detailing three initiatives that are launching to help cut energy bills with energy saving tips and to provide support for the most vulnerable.

The initiatives are:

  • The ‘It All Adds Up’ campaign which aims to help people save at least £100 with energy saving tips on the Help for Households website and a public information campaign.
  • A free collaboration between the government and Amazon through which Amazon’s Alexa will begin offering tips to improve energy efficiency.
  • The Warm Home Discount which aims to provide more than three million households with £150 to help with winter fuel costs.

Energy efficiency tips from Amazon’s Alexa is part of the ‘It All Adds Up’ campaign, which is being relaunched after last year’s success. The press release announces that 80% of people in the UK said they had taken at least one of the energy efficiency actions. The tips from Alexa will be prompted by phrases including “Alexa, give me some energy saving tips”, “Alexa, give me tips to conserve energy” and “Alexa, give me tips to get ready for winter”.

If you don’t have Alexa or are looking for additional tips elsewhere, the ‘It All Adds Up’ campaign shares energy efficiency tips in a variety of ways. For this year, expect related billboards, partnerships and radio adverts beginning later in the autumn. The Help for Households website has online advice.

The Warms Home Discount will provide an automatic one-off £150 payment to help eligible, low-income energy customers in England, Scotland and Wales pay their bills over the winter. This will apply to more than three million households, which will be contacted from 16 October onwards.

The press release concludes with quotes from the Secretary of State for Energy Security and Net Zero and the Minister for Energy Consumers and Affordability on the need for and importance of these initiatives. It also includes six key measures a typical household could take to reduce their energy bill by up to £100.

Read the full press release here.

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